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Salvaged Skateboard Indiegogo Campaign

When I started out making belt buckles, earrings and rings from salvaged skateboards, it was little more than an artistic urge and a reason to work with my hands. By day I’m a web and application developer. By night (and weekends) I salvaged skateboard decks. This is a different kind of passion and craftsmanship but one that I love.

As my craft developed, I began to realized that I was only one of several hundred artists making unique, innovative and beautiful items from recycled skateboards.

The creativity and ingenuity of this community is truly amazing. But connecting the community to each other and to customers has been challenging. This is where Salvaged Skateboard Shop comes in.

The Shop is an online marketplace dedicated to salvaged skateboard artists. It is a place where customers can connect with hundreds of artists who are:

  1. Making functional pieces of art from old, broken and recycled skateboards
  2. Designing and constructing custom skateboards

The outcome of this Indiegogo campaign is to have a platform that will help artists turn hobbies into business and to connect customers to creative, upcycled products. I have the artistic and technical expertise to make this project a success. I just need your help and support getting it off the ground. See below for the mock-up designs, more information, and to check out the great perks…including pieces donated by 20 other artists who—just like me—want to see this project succeed.

Thank you for the support!

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