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Hi! I’m Chris, the owner of SKRP. That pic is me and my daughter gettin’ out on the slopes in Wakefield QC. Our family shares a passion for the great outdoors and are always at home in nature. I spent a large part of my life exploring Canada.

By canoe for the most part, travelling down and exploring many whitewater rivers as a guide in my twenties, also climbing out on the west coast and just camping with friends and family.

Wooden Rings - Recycled skateboards

In the Begining

SKRP came to be after a trip to Nova Scotia where my wife Kate and I stumbled into a board shop that sold rings made of old recycled skateboard decks. As soon as we got home from that trip I went to work making rings! Since then we have grown, we are always learning and we never stop experimenting. Sustainability has become our core focus as we now offer a full line of products repurposed from “end of life” Canadian billboards, skateboards and snowboards.

Our Goal

A Second Chance

We want to help the protection of our environment by keeping broken skateboards, snowboards, billboards and any other useable material we can find out of landfills. We have partnered with Canadian Outdoor Advertising companies, skateboard shops, ski hills (Fernie, Banff etc.), US and Canadian distribution and manufacturing companies to keep as many boards and billboards out of the landfill as we can.

Read more about our recycling processes here:

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Join the Movement!

If you’re an individual or are associated with a board shop, ski hill or distribution company and want to start a recycled program with us please get in touch!

Promotional Products

Have an idea?

Another focus over the years has been to work with promotional agencies to produce uniquely Canadian made, eco-friendly products for corporate clients. Reach out for more information.

Recent Clients

Meta aka Facebook
Gold Arrow Camp
The Balvenie Distillery
The Tragically Hip

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