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Slim Wallet from a Recycled Snowboard

(1 customer review)


A Canadian made minimalist, slim and strong cardholder created from a recycled snowboard. Eliminating the pain of sitting on that big old wallet.


Everything Starts with a Broken Snowboard

Slim, minimal wallets created in Canada using broken and recycled snowboards deemed completely unridable and all donated from shops and individuals from all around Canada and the US.

A typical snowboard has a tun of strength with two layers of fibreglass sandwiching a core of wood which truly makes a perfect material for creating unique accessories like these.

made from Snowboards

We can get plenty of wallets from each snowboard, so it might not be the exact wallet pictured but it will certainly be from the same snowboard!


  • Super lightweight but strong and durable
  • Perfect size to fit comfortably in your front pocket.
  • Simply a push of your fingertip to quickly select the card of your choice.
  • wrapped with a 3’4″ braided soft and stretchy cotton elastic to hold everything together nice and tight!

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Weight0.023 kg
Dimensions8.89 × 6.35 × 1.27 cm

1 review for Slim Wallet from a Recycled Snowboard

  1. Bryan

    Okay let’s address the elephant in the room. I am an old, very old ex-skateboarder. I was hoping for a deck wallet, but I got one made of a snowboard. BUT READ ON! This is still a novel work of art. Included with the wallet was a letter explaining the artist’s choice to change materials. It explains that a skateboard deck would delam under regular use so the next best thing was provided. A total refund was also offered, but you know, I am extremely happy with the change and will not look for a refund. Check it out and grab one!

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